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To La Gazailles by car:

  • Breda - Antwerpen - Gent - Kortrijk - Lille (Rijssel) - Parijs
  • At Parijs: Bordeaux - Nantes - Orleans
  • After Orleans the A10 direction Bordeaux
  • Take at Bordaux exit 1
  • Keep direction Toulouse till the A630 and afterwards the A62
  • Take exit 6 - Aiguillon at the A62 and follow Villeneuve sur Lot
  • Next you follow Castelmoron - sur - Lot.
  • You take on the roundabout at the D911 the left exit to Castelmoron - sur -Lot (D13)
  • La Gazailles is just before the bridge at the right side

In case of GPS we reccomend to enter as destination: Gazailles, lieu-dit La (But be aware, it will guide you to the other side of the street)


with the TGV it is possible to travel till Tonneins or Agen (both at approx. 30 min from La Gazailles)


Rotterdam - Bergerac

Charleroi (Brussel) - Bergerac &

Bordeaux - Bergerac

Bon voyage

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